American Sentence.

17-syllable poems and other short writings and musings.

Tag: short poetry

The stars are brighter…

The stars are brighter now from here;
…No, not brighter, I just see more clear.

Tears and sorrow…

Tears and sorrow cannot compete, where love anchors within the harbor.

Alone in woods…

Alone in woods where no other mortal can be found, my solitude.

Its wetness…

Its wetness permeating my skin
     now wrapped around me as a veil.

If freedom…

If freedom comes at cost, what have I to pay but the goal of living?

Bald trees…

bald trees
brown grass
gray sky
longing for a touch of green
mid-winter still

Regret blinds us…

Regret blinds us of the possibilities the future holds in store.

Is beauty…

Is beauty the result of love or love the consequence of beauty?

Do we control…

Do we control our destiny or have say over eternity?

One single phrase…

one single phrase
three small words
eight letters long

a lifetime of blessings


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